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Elliott Smith

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Elliott Smith
Jan 24, 2003 Elliott Smith
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01. Miss Misery 02. Memory Lane (aborted) 03. Passing Feeling 04. The Enemy is You 05. Plainclothes Man [Heatmiser] 06. Don't Go Down 07. Fond Farewell 08. Happiness 09. Something to Lose (aborted) [Heatmiser] 10. Angeles 11. The Biggest Lie 12. I Better Be Quiet Now
Topics: acoustic, elliott smith
Source: minidisc > unknown analog transfer
Elliott Smith
Nov 5, 2001 Elliott Smith
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01. Let's Get Lost (Abandoned due to audio problems) 02. Don't Go Down 03. A Passing Feeling 04. Strung Out Again 05. Pretty (Ugly Before) 06. True Love 07. Shooting Star 08. Twilight 09. Little One 10. A Fond Farewell
Topics: alt rock, indie, acoustic, singer/songwriter
Source: aud
Elliott Smith
Nov 14, 1997 Elliott Smith
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Gig Details from Sweet Adeline: 11.14.97 - la luna- portland, or division day angeles waltz #2 (xo) clementine between the bars st. ide's heaven bottle up and explode! say yes christian brothers amanda cecilia i figured you out bled white alameda rose parade i didn't understand pictures of me (stopped) southern belle clouds for no one speed trials ballad of big nothing biggest lie the white lady loves you more bootleg: yes bootleg info: for no one is a beatles cover. clouds is a quasi cover...
Topics: Elliott Smith, Live, Concert, 1997, Acoustic
Source: Unknown